Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sweet Peas

One of my favorite flowers is sweet peas..Not only are they beautiful, but they smell wonderful.

Sweet Peas are so pretty growing up a trellis in the garden but they also are great for cutting to bring indoors.

It has been years since I planted them...


Because the seeds need to be planted in my area in October. and every year I forget..It is well into spring when the garden bug hits me and by then it is too late.

But this year, Lo and behold  I REMEMBER.

I just ordered my seeds from Amazon and can't wait for them to be delivered...

Friday, September 9, 2016

Free Water color print

Seriously..Can Shabby Chic get any cuter than this free water color print out.

Just in time for fall.. I spent lots of time checking out this site...

Stop by and check it out..You will be glad you did..I know I am !

It is a Shabby Art Boutique....Shabby Art Boutique

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Free Printable

I love this free printable

Thought you might too !

It is a Farmhouse Mason Jar Note Pad

Now what should I do with it...LOL

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wild Things

I stepped out on the patio this morning as I do every morning , to see the beauty in the garden.

So many flowers blooming today.

So many wild things have come to see as well.

I see a squirrel scampering across the top of the block wall.
A humming bird partaking of the lavender.
A beautiful butterfly sitting on a pink rose.
Honey bees taking pollen from the white roses.

And then there is me screaming like some kind of idiot as a Japanese beetle buzzes over my head..Lord have mercy!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Three Tier Basket Planter

I have been working on this planter, so far I like how it looks.
I can't wait for it to fill in .
 As I was watering it this morning a tiny little frog hopped out..Wonder if it will come back and make this planter a froggy home.

This basket has served me well in the kitchen holding utensils and such, now it will serve me well adding color to the patio.

This pretty little angel sits on top

Friday, August 12, 2016

Busy In The Garden

I have been spending a bit more time in the garden, planting, dead-heading and creating fun to me planters.

Trying to get this creeping Jenny to grow up and around the heart shaped wire that I covered with moss..So far it is doing really well..I am pleased as punch. Hanging from the top center of the heart is a crystal from an old chandelier. The plant in front is a pretty leafy plant. I love the colors of the green and pink leaves with a spattering of dots. The name of this plant is..well, it is actually called polka dot plant. I also added a couple of Marjolin Bastines bird planter picks to the mix. The heart shape wreath really isn't as crocked as it appears...The truth of the matter is I need a lot more practice taking pictures

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sock Knitting

I can honestly say I am now addicted to knitting sock. There are so many awesome sock yarns available which contributes to my new addiction.

I love this new to me Facebook page where I can see what other sock addicts are up to.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Crazy Socks

Finished knitting this  pair of crazy socks using Mind The Gap self striping sock yarn.
They look huge in this photo, but I promise they fit and my feet really aren't that big.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Soap Making Fun

I have always wanted to learn to make my own soap, but have been afraid to try. I think a good place to start may be with one of the following kits.

Soap Making Kits

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Until The Twelfth Of Never

Today is our Wedding Anniversary

We have been married 44 years and that is a long long time.
Just like Our favorite song..Until the Twelfth Of Never and that's a long long time.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

WHY ???

My grand daughter, who just turned four years old, is at that stage where she wants to know why..

Why this ? Why that? Why not?

Why is the grass green, why are my hands sticky? Why are you washing dishes?

Why is it time for lunch ?
Why are you putting pins in that fabric ?
Why is Papa at work?
Why do you drive a white car?
Why does my mom drive a silver car?
Why does my dad drive a black car?
Why does Uncle Kenny have a girl friend?
Why does everybody have to go to work?
Why are you wearing a blue shirt?
Why are you drinking coffee?

Why? Why? Why?
I must of answered why over a thousand times today!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thirsty Roses

My rose bushes are thirsty!

Roses are among the thirstiest of flowers. You must give them long deep drinks as the water must penetrate the soil to a depth of
8 inches at each watering session. At least once a week . 

In the heat of the summer they may require more watering.

Without the proper hydration, roses become easy targets pests and diseases. Although water can cause problems too. A rose could drown if left sitting in water where the soil is poor draining.

Black spot and mildew may occur if water is left standing on the leaves for long periods of time. 

Using soaker hoses , drip systems and sprinklers that spray no higher than 6 inches would be the best methods for watering them. 

Roses need plenty of water in tissues, stems, petals and foliage.

My roses aren't very happy due to the severe drought we are having here in Southern California. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Deadheading The Roses


I Love, Love Love my rose bushes.
Having said that, the down side is keeping up with the dead heading.
But, you gotta do what you gotta do!

Rosebushes should have their spent blossoms deadheaded.
This is for two good reasons, It will produce more roses, and any failing petals can be taken off to be dried or used fresh. Even though the spent blossom may look to be dead on the outside, there may be perfect, fragrant petals on the inside that can be used. They can be made into little sachets that can be thrown at a wedding (in place of the tradition rice that is harmful to birds),or use them to scent your dresser drawer or closet, or a pretty little bowl in a bathroom etc.

As I am deadheading , I try to keep in mind the pruning basics: 

 Cut the dead flower off the cane just above the first set of five leaflets. I cut on a slant, downwards toward the inside of the bush. If the cane tends to be weak, I will go ahead and cut back further to the stronger wood that can support a flower.

When it gets closer to winter, I will stop deadheading. This will allow the rose to form hips instead of forcing it to continue to flower. The rose hips hold the rose's seed, and prepares the bush for winter therefore increasing its hardiness. Although I do notice that the squirrels love to eat the rose hips.