Friday, November 2, 2012

Mmm Coffee

Mmm Wake up and smell the coffee and the roses. Did you know that plants also enjoy a good cup of coffee or rather, coffee grounds? Using used coffee or tea, can have wonderful benefits for your garden. If you are not a coffee drinker, don't worry local coffee shops give away used grounds. All you have to do is ask. What a great way to recycle. Some other ways for using the coffee grounds would be to throw them into the compost bin, filter and all. Or mix it right into the soil when you are planting up a new bed. This will improve the texture of the soil. Coffee grounds also discourage slugs and ants. Ants hate coffee grounds and will avoid any area containing it. However when using espresso type of grounds be sure that it is mixed thoroughly into the soil , as this type of grounds tends to impact and become hardened so that it is hard for air and water to penetrate.


  1. Something new to try! I had no idea plants liked coffee/tea grounds. I usually give my outside roses banana peels.

  2. Hi Faythe, Your roses are just beautiful! I'm sure you still have lots of beauty in your California garden; here in Iowa, leaves have all fallen off the trees and most of the flowers are done for the season. My husband brings home coffee grounds from his coffee shop at work and I have been adding this to the compost, and also putting it in the soil around various plants.
    Faythe, also wanted to let you know that your tabs at the top for gardening, etc. don't seem to be working properly. Just an FYI. Have a wonderful week!

  3. Coffee grounds are great in the garden! Thanks for visiting me, following you back!