Thursday, November 1, 2012


Halloween has come and gone . 
November is here and with that comes Thanksgiving.
Time to get the house ready for guest . 
Plan the menu, do the shopping etc.

This Turkey Platter is probably one of the first items that my husband and I bought after we were married. 
We were married on October 27th., Just celebrated our 41 anniversary.I guess we were in a hurry to get started on our lives as a married couple, and decided that we were going to cook our own Thanksgiving dinner..What the heck were we thinking , I didn't know how to cook anything , let alone a turkey.We bought it at the grocery store when we were shopping for our first turkey that we would cook ourselves. But that is another story :) My Turkey Platter is now 41 yrs old and I still use it every year. I can't remember how much we paid at the time. But money was tight and I am sure it was under $5.00. Its not really very pretty ,it doesn't even have a name stamped on the back, its just a plain old generic turkey platter., I have often thought about replacing it with something nicer, but I can't seem to part with her...


  1. Today is our 43rd Anniversary and boy did we start with nothing. Those were the best years (well thats what memory says anyway). Congratulation on your 41st Anniversary. Following right back and thank your for commenting on my post.

  2. Thank You Joy and Congratulations on your 43rd...

  3. Congratulations on your 41st wedding anniversary! Your turkey platter is lovely. It's great that you still use it every year.

  4. I think your turkey platter is great! And I love that you have been married for 41 years.

  5. I love the story of your turkey platter. Can't wait to hear the story of your 1st Thanksgiving dinner.

  6. This is a wonderful platter and a keeper! thanks for sharing it with "Open House".

  7. Hi Faythe, I really like your platter. Thanksgiving is a special holiday and using pretty china makes it even more special. Congratulations on 41 years of marriage! That is quite a milestone!