Monday, March 23, 2015

Most Popular Tomatoes

Better Boy
Giant Belgium Italian Sweet

For Tomatoes All Summer Long:
Early Girl bears fruit in about 59 days from being transplanted.

Celebrity . Betterboy . Delicious

Late ~ Season
Beefsteak . Supersteak

Cherry Tomatoes
Tiny Tim and Small Fry bear small tasty fruits
Sweet 100 for flavor and productivity
Sungold a yellow tomato
Sugar Snack and Read Currant
Growing Tomatoes
Most experts start their own seedlings indoors , about six weeks before the outdoor transplant time. Seeds germinate in about a weeks time if the soil temperature is between 75-85 degrees. Once your seeds have started to grow and bush out make sure they dont become root bound, either transplant them in a bigger pot or if warm enough go ahead and plant them in the garden. Once a tomato plants roots have started touching the edges of the pot the roots will stop growing, and not start growing any too quickly, so get them transplanted before the roots reach the edge , then they can continue to grow.

Nothing could be more delicious than a home grown tomato. Growing success begins with the soil. Test your soil and bring it up to level before you begin planting. The pH level should be around 6.5 .To test your soil. You can do this by using a low nitrogen fertilizer slow release soil enhancer like compost or well aged manure. Kelp is full of minerals essential to healthy tomato growth.Yellow leaves are signs that you need to fertilize (for more nitrogen). If the leaves are purple then the plant needs more phophorus. Fish emulsion is a good remedy .
Good time growing conditions are when the daytime air temperature is around 70-80 degrees, and night temperatures are around 55-65 degrees.
When digging holes for your seedling ......dig your holes somewhat deeper than the pot that the seedlings are in. tomato plants grow more roots if you bury the stem as well as the roots. In each hole that you dig, before putting in your tomato plant, toss in one teaspoon of epsom salt, this will provide magnesium. You could also toss in a handful of crushed eggshells for tasty and sweet tomatoes.
It is best to go ahead and stake your tomato plants at the time of planting to avoid damage to the roots later. Tomatoes need some kind of support, be it a cage, a stake or a trellis. Whatever it takes to get them off the ground. It is also a good idea to use some sort of mulch to conserve moisture. You could use leaves, straw etc. I use the shredded paper that comes from my shedding machine.
For juicy tomatoes it is important to provide an even amount of water. Water deeply. Stop watering when the tomatoes are full size or the flavor will be bland and diluted. Try not to get water on the leaves, they tend to
be prone to fungal disease.

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