Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Deadheading The Roses


I Love, Love Love my rose bushes.
Having said that, the down side is keeping up with the dead heading.
But, you gotta do what you gotta do!

Rosebushes should have their spent blossoms deadheaded.
This is for two good reasons, It will produce more roses, and any failing petals can be taken off to be dried or used fresh. Even though the spent blossom may look to be dead on the outside, there may be perfect, fragrant petals on the inside that can be used. They can be made into little sachets that can be thrown at a wedding (in place of the tradition rice that is harmful to birds),or use them to scent your dresser drawer or closet, or a pretty little bowl in a bathroom etc.

As I am deadheading , I try to keep in mind the pruning basics: 

 Cut the dead flower off the cane just above the first set of five leaflets. I cut on a slant, downwards toward the inside of the bush. If the cane tends to be weak, I will go ahead and cut back further to the stronger wood that can support a flower.

When it gets closer to winter, I will stop deadheading. This will allow the rose to form hips instead of forcing it to continue to flower. The rose hips hold the rose's seed, and prepares the bush for winter therefore increasing its hardiness. Although I do notice that the squirrels love to eat the rose hips.


  1. Love my roses too and I actually like deadheading them, just something soothing about taking care of them, knowing that they're going to be even prettier than before! great article!

  2. Thank You..So do I . I complain and yet I wouldn't want it any other way..