Saturday, November 3, 2012


I love potpourri...Its not only pretty but it smells wonderful at the same time...

Rose Potpourri
3 Cups dried rose petals and rose buds
1/2 ounce Oris root (health food stores)
1/3 cup dried Lemon Verbena (herb)
15 drops rose oil
In an airtight container, combine all the ingredients.
Set aside for two weeks, stirring every few days. Use

in sachet making or set in bowls throughout the house. I usually dry my own petals using the air dry method.
By scattering them loosely in a shallow box and placing them in a dark closet.You could speed up the process by placing the flowers on a shallow dish and placing them in the oven at the lowest possible setting . Check often to make sure they are not browning.

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