Wednesday, March 18, 2015

DIY Bird House Planter


                                                     Bird House Planter

We are having great weather here in Southern California.
I love spring. 
When I hear the birds chirping and all things turning green and starting to bud, I really get in the mood to dig in the dirt.

This is the time I start looking for new plants and other garden things.

I just signed up for Home Depots Project idea news letter. 
The news letter is chock full of  DIY project ideas for items to make etc., for the home and garden. It comes complete with instructions and also tells you before hand how easy or hard the project will be.

I think this Bird House Planter is so cute...
Do you think I can build it? Or maybe I should ask my husband to do it!

The difficult level is for: Beginner - Intermediate
Duration: 2 hours

If I could get Home Depot to cut the wood for me...I think I could do this:

These are the Material I would need:


The Tools I need:


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  1. Yes get Home Depot to cut the pieces and go for it. You can do it for sure. I have done wood working and it is so much fun and satisfying when done.