Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thirsty Roses

My rose bushes are thirsty!

Roses are among the thirstiest of flowers. You must give them long deep drinks as the water must penetrate the soil to a depth of
8 inches at each watering session. At least once a week . 

In the heat of the summer they may require more watering.

Without the proper hydration, roses become easy targets pests and diseases. Although water can cause problems too. A rose could drown if left sitting in water where the soil is poor draining.

Black spot and mildew may occur if water is left standing on the leaves for long periods of time. 

Using soaker hoses , drip systems and sprinklers that spray no higher than 6 inches would be the best methods for watering them. 

Roses need plenty of water in tissues, stems, petals and foliage.

My roses aren't very happy due to the severe drought we are having here in Southern California. 

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