Friday, August 12, 2016

Busy In The Garden

I have been spending a bit more time in the garden, planting, dead-heading and creating fun to me planters.

Trying to get this creeping Jenny to grow up and around the heart shaped wire that I covered with moss..So far it is doing really well..I am pleased as punch. Hanging from the top center of the heart is a crystal from an old chandelier. The plant in front is a pretty leafy plant. I love the colors of the green and pink leaves with a spattering of dots. The name of this plant is..well, it is actually called polka dot plant. I also added a couple of Marjolin Bastines bird planter picks to the mix. The heart shape wreath really isn't as crocked as it appears...The truth of the matter is I need a lot more practice taking pictures


  1. Very pretty planter and wreath. That is a great idea to train the creeping jenny around the heart shaped wreath. The Marjolin Bastine birds are so cute. Where could I purchase them?

  2. Thank you so much for your comment..I got my birds at my local Hallmark a few years ago...Not sure if they still have them

  3. Great idea!!! So very pretty. Hugs, LJ