Friday, June 2, 2017

Calling all Fairies and Gnomes

Calling all FAIRY and GNOMES
Secret Succulent Fairy and Gnome Sign Up
How it works:
All participants must have a U.S. Mailing address
Send me a private message include your name and mailing address
Sign up starts today and ends June 5th..On June 6th I will be sending each of you a name and address...You will be this persons Fairy/Gnome. If you sign up you are committed to sending a package to the person that you are given...Everyone is a Fairy/Gnome to someone, and everyone has a Fairy?Gnome.
Package will contain No less than 5 items.. the items can be leaves, babies, cuttings a beheaded flower or a rooted plant...
If you are feeling generous you may send more than 5 ..But you are required to send 5 different items..
Do not send 5 of the same can send all leaves if you wish, but they must be 5 different leaves. Or you can mix with a combination of 5 different things..Examples shown in picture below.
REMEMBER: a lot of Fairies?Gnomes are succulent newbies, that being said, do not expect to receive some rare and exotic succulent. This is just about having fun and the anticipation of waiting on a surprise to arrive in the mail. Please be happy with what you get..
Your Fairy's/Gnomes name will be drawn from a hat ...You may keep it a secret or you may share..I will also be playing, that being the case..I will obviously know who my Fairy or Gnome is. The very last name left in the hat will be the person I will send to.. If you prefer to keep it very secret than I can opt out.
Each Fairy/Gnome is responsible to pay for the postage of the package they send..I will be sending mine out by first class mail.. It is recommended that you send your package in a small box to avoid the plants/leaves from being crushed.
Please send your package out by June 25th...If every thing works out well we will play again in July.
Please send me a private message when your package has arrived..It will also be helpful if you send me the tracking number of your package, by doing so I can pass the information on to the recipient . This is especially helpful to those who have a P.O. Box.
Examples....these are only examples ..make up your own and have FUN!
Ready ...Set...GO!

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